How to kick start your business with Ice Cream Paper Cup Making Machine?

How to kick start your business with Ice Cream Paper Cup Making Machine?

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How to kick start your business with Ice Cream Paper Cup Making Machine?

Thinking of starting an ice cream paper cup business? If yes! then you will be delighted to know the complete info in this blog.

Here I have a detailed project guide on Ice Cream Paper Cup Making Machine Manufacturers in Lucknow with project cost, machines, required materials, marketplace and return on investment. 

If you are thinking of starting an ice cream paper cup business, then it is a great opportunity. The manufacturing of paper cups is also eco-friendly and has benefits for the environment. 

Also, the paper cup is recyclable, unlike plastics and the Government supports paper cup use. So there is a huge opportunity. 

Here are a few steps for successfully starting your paper cup business

  • Analyse Market 
  • Know your potential customer 
  • Investment
  • Planning and Execution

Market Potential of Ice Cream paper cup making business

As you know the Indian Government has banned plastic cups in the market. So there is a huge scope for paper cups in the market. 

Along with the fast-changing lifestyles, Ice cream cups are used in many places in cafes, hotels, Food canteens, and wedding parties. The demand for ice cream cups is increasing rapidly.

Also, this paper cup looks attractive with the different types of design and does not harm the environment due to its eco-friendly nature. 

After considering all these points, we can see that starting an ice cream paper cup business is highly profitable. 


Before starting any business, it is essential to plan for its success. A well-written plan acts as a roadmap for your business. 

It should be prepared with all the investments made in the business. 


The ice cream paper cup business' investment can be broadly divided into two categories- fixed investment and variable investment. 

The fixed investment includes purchasing the machine, building infrastructure, registration, etc. 

On the other hand, consumable materials, labor salary, transport, water, electricity, etc. 

Required Machinery 

Now it's time to choose the right Ice Cream Paper Cups Machine Suppliers Lucknow. There are two types of paper cup manufacturing - Semi-automatic machines and fully-automatic machines. 

Fully automatic machine- can manufacture 45-60 cups/min of 45ml-330ml cup size and it costs approximately 6.5 lakhs INR. It operates on poly side coated paper with an energy requirement of 3.5kW. 

Semi-automatic Machine- has a capacity of around 25-35 cups/min but with the help of labour. It can approximately cost 1.25 lakhs INR.

Also with the different molds, this machine can be used for manufacturing different types of cups such as Disposable Paper Cup Making Machines, Tea cup-making machines, PE-coated paper cups, etc.

I would recommend you purchase the fully automatic machine because it does not require manpower and have a high production capacity. 

Sales and Marketing of your cups

For selling your cups, you can target the local market as the best opportunity. 

You can also register on online sites like Amazon or Flipkart and sell directly. 

Starting an ice cream paper cup making machine is definitely a profitable business. The demand is growing rapidly as the Government banned plastic cups in many states. 

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